ILGU_web_logoThe 9th Annual General Meeting of the ILGU Ltd will be held at the Red Cow Moran Hotel on Saturday 28th January commencing at 12.30pm.

As well as receiving the Annual Report for 2016, the meeting will confirm the appointments of Gemma Byrne (Birr) as  Junior Director and Clodagh Hopkins (Woodbrook) as High-Performance Director.

Claire Dowling(Woodbrook) will be elected an Honorary Member of the ILGU and the ILGU awards will be presented.

There is also expected to be an update on the progress of the One Governing Body process as well as the Anti-Doping programme.

The finalised accounts for the year will show a turnaround of over €340,000 as the company recorded a loss of €263,312 for the year compared to a surplus of €78,000 in 2015.

The change in the euro-sterling exchange rate accounted for just under €100,000 of this loss while the decline in membership has reduced to 1.4% from recent years of 4-5%.

Expenditure on teams jumped €35k due mainly to the costs of the Espirito Santo Trophy in Mexico, the costs associated with Olympic qualification as well as the European Team Championship in Iceland.

There was an approximate cost of €21k associated with the One Governing Body process while there were costs of nearly €45k for the Golfnet 2 project.

The Full Annual Report is available here