05 September 2013

Applications are now being sought from players seeking help in developing their golf and who are committed to complying with all components of the outlined programme.
The aim of Regional Training is to develop players who have desire to play representative golf.  The role of the ILGU Regional Coaches is to monitor and direct the technical proficiencies of players and their development of skills through the delivery of a curriculum that has been devised to complement a player’s personal coaching rather than replace it.  Based on this, ILGU Regional Coaches will communicate with a player’s personal coach throughout the programme.
Regional Training will be delivered an ILGU Regional Coach in your area each beginning with an introductory session in October and followed by coaching sessions from February to May. These sessions will encompass the technical, physical & psychological elements of the game. Panelists will receive 18hrs of training with their Regional Coach, in a panel of no more than 6 players at cost per panelist of €80/£65. The ILGU are committed to implementing clear and transparent selection procedures to ensure a fair and objective selection process.  With regard to this, the below handicap guidelines have been established for 2013/14 Regional Training Panels.  In addition to Handicap, a players rate of progress (reduction of handicap), events played (ILGU Championships etc.) and participation (no. of rounds played) will also be taken into consideration for selection purposes.
U12 yrs:    Handicap: 26-35 12-15 yrs: Handicap: 14-25        15yrs +:   Handicap: 4-13        
All interested parties must apply via the online application … click here 2013 ILGU Regional Training Application on or before Monday 23rd September 2013.  Panels will be announced on Monday 7th October.
Important Notes  –  All interested players must complete the online application to be considered for Regional Training, including 2012/13 panel members –  Late applications will not be accepted –  The Selection Committees’ decision will be final –  A players “Home Club” will be used to determine their Regional Training Area, requests by players to attend alternative Regional Training Areas will not be accommodated